Frequently Asked Questions


Why would I need an assembler?
People generally do not need assistance building their furniture, but for those who cannot build their furniture, or do not have the time, we offer a service which can help with your assembly needs.


When can I arrange for an appointment?
Appointments can generally be made either by phone, email 7 days a week to, or via the website, Monday to Sunday.


Can a specific time be arranged?
Everything Flatpack will do their upmost to arrange a time that suits you. We know that your time is important, if there is a specific time in the morning or afternoon that suits you, we can arrange this, our customer service hours are between 8am to 5pm


Can I change my appointment, will I get charged for it?
We are happy for you to change your appointment to arrange for another day. We will not charge you for this, unforseen problems can occur. But please inform us of the change prior to our technician arriving at your home. Thankyou.


What will my assembly cost?
We believe in a fixed rate upfront so you know what your paying for, and you pay no more, regardless of how long the assembly takes.


Are you insured?
Everything Flatpack holds full public liability insurance.


What if the furniture is damaged before assembly?
We understand that during delivery and pre assembly, your furniture can be damaged by no fault of your own. We as a rule will always pre inspect the furniture, and if damaged we will advise you the customer accordingly.


How long does an assembly take?
The time it takes to build your piece of furniture would vary, as would the price. It would depend on the size and how many pieces of furniture you would need assembling, but as a rule we generally like to keep time keeping to a minimum. Let us know your assembly challenge and we can give you a quote.


Do you remove packaging?
Unfortunately we do not remove the packaging from the furniture, as we would need to see many customers during the day, but we generally break down and dispose of the rubbish for you.













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